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DKMS beMore

— 2018 —
my crossmedia campaign for my thesis.
But more importantly: a matter of the heart for the a long time.

Cancer has always been a topic in my life – luckily just passive in my circle of acquaintances or grandparents I never met. But because of that I talked a lot about it, especially blood cancer and always kept an eye on the publicity of the topic and advertisement to fight it. So I saw a lot of the posters of DKMS, the german agenda to find people with fitting DNA to help bloodcancer patients. The same agenda who found donors for friends of mine – once with success, once without.

So there was a lot of advertisement for the topic and the agenda DKMS was known, but not heard. Everyone knew the slogans, but really what they were standing for and how easy it is to safe lives.

I wanted a shocking approach. Because it is about life and death. A topic were you are allowed to shock other in my opinion. Because what really is a small shock (besides the horrible news we see everyday anyway) compared to the suffering of bloodcancer patients? Nothing. So it is very accountable to shock to generate attention for the topic.