create to discover

The assignment was to make a short film which works as commercial but also as an image-film for the new lifestyle and perfume brand „equality“. The film is supposed to show what the brand stands for and what the costumer is showing by wearing the brand. After talking to Lukas, one of the founders of equality, the idea of the film became more and more detailed and what my assignment would be. We wanted to show many very different characters in the film who are dealing with different situations and feelings. Some struggling, some happy, some depressed – to show and generate a lot emotions because some we can relate with some characters or feel sad or happy for them and think about how it would be to stand in their place. There is a lot of inequality in the world. Although we are all the same – coming from the same and having the same worth and same legitimacy to be here but still there are huge differences in the quality of life around the world.
I loved the project – the brand, the founders. What I missed in the agencies I worked before I found in this project. Direct contact to the founders of the brand and their idea directly in my head, while feeling their passion for it. And also a great idea behind the project. It is not about money, it is about social responsibility and to achieve a change out there. I wanted to help them realise that project and make it successful and I am very happy to be a part of it – showing that we are for equality and doing something for it and helping people who feel the same show it and most importantly: show others who are not likeminded and change their views.