create to discover


— 2018 —
sadly the news about a wavegarden-opening in hamburg were only rumours. But that did not stop me from dreaming there will be one some day and creating an opening campaign for them.
The task was to combine surfing and Hamburg.
And to achieve a clever, new and attention grabbing campaign.

I surf since my first vacation in france with my family when I was 10. Since then almost every year I drove back there.
In Germany are no waves because Great-Britain is in the way – Brexit won’t help – so theres no swell arriving at our seas. Still here are a lot of Surfers and other water-related Athletes. A wavegarden would make perfect sense here. Up to today all investors gave up because of the lack of good locations and high prises, without knowing if the wavegarden would be bearable.
I researched a lot, talked to the Wavegarden Company – which is basically a frenchise – and to Florian Laudon, owner of creative agency island collective and guy who has his fingers in anything surf-related in and around Hamburg, about the Problems and Chances of Wavegarden while looking at the market, locations, sustainability, investors, targetgroups and so on.
Almost too much – for a pre-diploma Presentation. Because all I needed was a campaign.
But I wanted a campaign that would work, that would make the wavegarden in Hamburg sustainable and show the legitimacy of it. And of course how dope it would be – which was not thaaaat hard, because it’s surfing remember? There is no better sport anyway. And I used all my skills, time and recourses to make a huge campaign. Containing a  TV-Spot, Billboard-Posters, Interactive Posters, Website, Radiospot, Sticker, Floorsticker, Web-Banner, Promowall, Social Media, Infoscreen, Guirella, Logo-Animation and Sounddesign.
Which was definitely too much – but I will be there and ready when some day soon a wavegarden will come to hamburg.